Pich Seng

I graduated from Paul Mitchell the School Houston. Since then, I found my way to Shine where I started and completed a thorough apprenticeship program of a year and a half. During my time in the apprenticeship, I worked closely under the owner of the salon Cherryl, who has nearly forty years of experience in the hair industry. In addition to shadowing a few of the top producers at both locations. One of my core values allows me to provide not only services but also products to clients with integrity. As a stylist, I want my clients to feel heard and seen during our time together. I am a firm believer in cultivating long lasting relationships with clients that go beyond the chair.  I knew very early into my career that I wanted to serve within the greater Heights community. I also knew that I wanted to pick a salon that carried products and a color line that I whole heartedly believed in. I am beyond grateful to have found a career in which I feel fulfilled in making people feel and look their best, while doing what I love. With the deepest sense of gratitude, I would like to thank you for taking the time to stop scrolling and choosing to read my bio. It’s because of clients like you that make Shine, what it is today. Thank you for your continued support friend, I look forward to meeting you and having you in my chair soon!

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