Senior Stylist

Josie Cole

I'm Josie!! I grew up in a small town and moved to Houston to pursue my hair dream of becoming a kick-butt stylist; always learning and trying to be better than I was yesterday. Dolly Parton is my biggest inspiration in life; I love glitter, kindness, and big hair. I'm a third-generation hair stylist, so you can say I've spent pretty much my whole life in a salon. I love all aspects of the hair industry, from the use of my creativity to the connections I make with my clients. The best part of being a stylist is being able to make friends and in the process also help clients become the most beautiful version of themselves. Every type of service is fun for me but I really enjoy blonding and creative colors. Shine has always made me feel like I'm part of a family and I love that this is my salon home. It's a big tough world out there and I just want to give my clients a loving and safe environment to be themselves. As Dolly said, "It's hard to be diamond in a rhinestone world."

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