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Jessica Garnica

My name is Jessica Garnica. I started off my career at Toni&GUY salon. The apprenticeship program at Toni&GUY consisted of a 6 month intense cutting and styling program, and a 6 month coloring program, plus an additional 3 weeks to get you salon ready. Combining demonstrations, and workshops on live models. Building my own brand through the years while delivering best possible customer service has always been essential. Disciplined training has pushed my boundaries and helped me develop strong skills to perfecting my craft with a sharp eye and building relationships with clientele. Continuing education has always been an important factor to me in order to reach success, especially working in this industry. Art has always been a part of my life, and I wake up everyday happy to let my creative juices flow into my day to day work, while making other people happy in the process.

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